VPS quick backup / snapshot in Virtualizor Panel

Virtualizor control panel has a Quick Backup feature wich allows you to take a snapshot of your VPS.

This feature is turned off by default.

We can enable Quick Backup for specific server upon support request (it's free).

There are two ways to create a backup.

1st way

  • Login to Client Area using the link below:
    Use the email and password you've entered during the registration.
  • Press the Services button:



  • Click the Active button on desired service:



  • Wait a second while VPS management features load:



  • Press tab "Backups":



  • Next, click on the Backup Now button:



  • Confirm the creation of the backup by clicking the Ok button:



  • This notification indicates that the backup process has started. Just click the Ok button to close it:



  • After the process of creating a backup is completed, you can see it in the list of your backups:




2nd way

  • Login to Virtualizor CP using the link below:
    Use the credentials you've got in ''Your Virtual Private Server details" email. If you can't find your credentials create a support ticket to resolve it.

  •  A new tab will open a Virtualizer panel window where you can also manage your servers.


  • Click on the arrow on the right in the server field for which you want to create backup:



  • The next steps are the same as in the first way.


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