Sell VPS service on behalf of your own brand name! The API VPS Reseller program allows you to provide instant VPS service to your customers.
Once you've applied to API Reseller you'll receive the API keys that may be used only with provided server IP. We recommend to use some well-know billing systems like WHMCS , HostBill, etc.

We offer PAYG model. The one time setup fee is $50.00USD and this money appear on your Reseller account, so you can use these funds to pay further invoices.
Your initial discount is 20% comparing to our prices. The discount depends on sales volumes and on your customer's abuse/violations rate . Surely we provide 24/7 Reseller support and 30 day money back guarantee.

Become a VPS API Reseller

VPS Reseller instant provision

Instant Service Provision to your customers

Customers like to receive the service immediately after payment and API Reseller is the exact doing it like you have your own VPS nodes infrastructure. Usually you may configure in your billing software the way you provide service to customers like "Automatically setup products once payment have been received" or "Require manual approve". It's up to you!

PAYG: Pay As You Go

Pay as you go model

PAYG is most preferred reselling model for reseller and for service provider. No need to purchase any resources in advance. Sell ,get paid from your customers first and pay to us after.

Create your own custom VPS packages

Custom VPS packages

Custom VPS packages are allowed for extra one-time setup fee. You can prepare the desired configurations and we'll provide the prices including reseller discount.

Additional Reseller features

Additional features available

We also offer various additional services to our Resellers so you may focus on sales. Our support team can install and configure the billing software on your server , setup API, deploy MaxMind fraud prevention, assist in configuring payment gateways , create the packages , update/maintain your billing software, servers, provide managed support to your customers ; we can even offer tech. support on behalf of your brand name! If something is not present during VPS API Reseller package configuration - just Ask us!


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