Security of your vps. Responsability areas

First of all we want to point you again that we provide free managed VPS services. It's included in all of our VPS pakages. 

But it doesn't mean that we are responsible for security on your vps. You have full root access so only you are responsible for your vps security.

Our support team can configure iptables, fail2ban, add SYN flood (one of DDoS attack type) protection, change default ssh port, etc. by your request.

We suggest to use only secure passwords for all accounts on your vps (especially for root!)

 For example:

“Helena2”  -is not secure password and can be bruteforced even with Desktop PC using dictionary.

“Kn4%$^cbVy63x”  - is secure password. It’s impossible to brute it with dictionary at all. 

Please refer to the Security tips for Linux Server KB article for more details.

Sure you can simply do not use our managed support if you do not need it.

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