Free Managed VPS Support

VPSGet provides Managed VPS Services.

Basic managed support  included for free in all packages!
Basic managed support it's more than Semi-Managed [Typically Semi-Managed is core os updates and standard updates / configuration, like cPanel, Apache, MySQL, etc upon customer request].
In short "basic managed" is the same as Fully Managed but with more delays in replies, lover priority than Paid Fully managed support  and limited with amount of requests.

We will help you with migration to our network, custom software installs, server tuning, incidents investigation, server security improvement, OS updates, etc.

Even if you request for custom Apache configuration or  custom PHP build we can provide that. We can even assist you with website load testing using JMeter for example.

Our free managed support services provided on a  "support-on-request" model. So we do not even login to your virtual private server unless you request us. In this way it's appear to be  a good solution as for advanced Linux users/admins as for newbies or even for users who can use only WebUI panels.

If you'd like to have a common hosting environment at your VPS we strongly recommend to order one of the control panels we provide: cPanel or DirectAdmin. You can also choose Webmin/Virtualmin , or  CWP  control panel that is absolutely free. Sure we can install any other free control panel upon your request (like zPanel, Vesta, Ajenti etc.. ). If you have cPanel or Plesk (or any other) license you can use it on our servers w/o problems.

From ClientArea  you can reinstall OS, change/view root password, use serial console, etc. We have a lot of pre-made OS templates, such as LAMP (Centos, Ubuntu), LAMP+Webmin,  OpenVPN Ready2Go, Turnkey templates, etc.. [these features also available from SolusVM VPS control panel (] Surely you can always request us to do it.

 We can configure domains/subdomains, setup mailboxes/ftp accounts, etc for free terms only upon first vps configuration  — however all of that could be done with typical hosting control panels. Also we should not upload/download any customers files/data, it could be done with ftp, panels, scp/ssh (WinSCP for windows). [anyway we can help/show how to complete first download/initial config]

As we do not charge any additional fees for basic managed VPS support -  the basic managed-related support ticket response/resolve time can be up to 48h[usually we reply/resolve within few hours]Free managed related support may not work at weekends/holidays.

Also we do not provide free managed support in a LiveChat./Except some cases/ All managed-related requests should be done via ticketing system.

NOTE: Free managed-related vps support can be declined in specific cases. For instance,in case we have implemented some vps configuration upon your request and you have deleted/brocked it w/o any reason and requesting us to  configure the same again. Or in case you have edited configuration made by us and after that something stopped working properly.  You simply should  not "broke the <free> line" . 

Also you should understand that we do not offer support for any scripts/engines. We do not have to investigate the mistakes of the code you use anyway we can try to assist . In such cases better to contact the script developers. Alternativelly we can offer the developer support/work for a custom price.

In general free managed support assumed for the first 30 days - this is enough time to configure your VPS as you want. After the first 30 days period the free managed support limited up to 2 managed-related reuqests per month (sure, the non-managed related requests are unlimited) . But if you need constantly managed support you need to offer Extended/ Fully Managed support or Premium managed support.

Premium Managed includes also livechat suport, skype chat, server monitoring, security updates.

If you need specific Premium managed vps support please create a support request with detailed specification of your needs and we can offer you the price.

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