Managing VPS with mobile device

SolusVM also provides mobile version of its control panel. The link is the same:


If you want to to have fast access to your VPS for emergency actions such as boot, reboot, shutdown and to see server status (online/offline), you can configure mobile application and bypass opening web page and login/password authentication.

You can use VPSMon (has ettended functionality) or aSolusVM (official developer):



Configuring steps for both apps are the same.

To configure mobile application follow the instructions:

  • Login to SolusVM CP. the link below:
    Also you can clilck on "SolusVM CP" in "Client Area"
    Use the credentials you've got in ''Your Virtual Private Server details"  email. If you can't find your credentials create a support ticket to resolve it.


  • You will see your virtual private servers. Press "Manage" button at the right of the server that you want to manage with aSolusVM.


  • In "Controls" section select "API" tab and press "Generate". You will see "API Key", "API Hash" and "API Status".


  • Now start aSolusVM at your mobile device and press "Add Server". Fill the fields with the relevant details.

Display name: enter whatever you want


API Key: enter API Key you've generated in previous step

API Hash: enter API Hash you've generated in previous step

Configure VPSMon

VPSMon can be configured to monitor your virtual rervers, notify you when those are offline and automatically to reboot VPS which is offline.

  • Start VPSMon


  • Press "Menu" at your mobile device and then "Settings".


  • Tick "Auto Update", "Auto Reboot" and "Always show in notification bar"


  • Also youcan set "Auto Update Interval" (in minutes).

 Now you have configured the application and you can quickly perform emergency actions at your VPS with your mobile device.

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