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In this guide we will create domain, ftp account and mailbox using zpanel.

How to install zpanel: http://www.zpanelcp.com/download/

During the installation you need to enter the domain name for zpanel admin log in, for example zpanel.domain.com and at the end of the installing process you will be provided with the credentials. Admin user name is zadmin.

You can change zadmin password, Panel Domain, Panel IP and MySQL passwords in /root/passwords.txt file.

Zpanel can be reached by IP address from your browser, for example:

Important: don't forget to set A Record for zpanel.domain.com in your registrar control panel.

Now use that url and credentials to log in to your zpanel.

1. How to create domain in zpanel

Go to Home -> Domain -> Domains -> Create New Domain.

Enter the name of your domain and press Create.

2. How to Upload files to your domain home directory

First of all we need to create ftp account with full access to your domain home directory.

Go to Home -> File Management -> FTP Accounts

Enter username, password, select domain home directory for the user and press Create


Run some ftp client like FileZilla, enter your IP, login and password that we have just created and you are in your domain home directory.

Now you can upload your site files.


3. How to create mailbox in zpanel

Go to Home -> Mail -> Mailboxes

Create mailbox

Zpanel also has a webmail. You can use it for sendind and receiving messages.

To access webmail just go to Home -> Mail -> Webmail -> Launch Webmail

Enter user@domain.com that we have just created and password. 


4. Privare name servers.

If you are using registrar's name servers, don't read this.

If you have registered your private name servers, you can manage DNS Records in zpanel:


Following DNS records are set by default:


5. Limitations

You might notice that by default you can create only 5 domains, 10 mailboxes and so on.

If you want to change those values, go to Home -> Reseller -> Package Manager

Select package and edit any value that you want.

For more information refer to the official site: http://www.zpanelcp.com/

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