WinSCP |The easiest way to manage your VPS filesystem

How to use WinSCP

WinSCP desired to work under Windows OS. If you are on MAC/Linux you can use similar built-in  software.

Download and install the program.


Run WinSCP and fill the fields in a window appeared:


File protocol: SCP (sftp is by default).

Host name: your server IP or domain name.

Port number: ssh port (22 by default).

User name: (usually root).

Password: your password.

Private key file: leave blank if password is used.

Press "Login"




That's it, now you can perform secure data transfer between your remote server and your home PC with Commander or Explorer view.



Take a look at the bottom, you can use F5 to copy, F8 to delete and so on.

If you want to change directory to vps root, you need to double click on folder icon as on screenshot:

If you want move in directory where websites are situated usually, please go to: 

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