Create rDNS (PTR) record

You can add rDNS/PTR record for your domain. Please be sure that you have already added A-record first.

  • Login to SolusVM from Client Area: Navigate to ClientArea->My Product& Services ->[Select correspondingService]->ProductDetails
    Click on "Control Panel" button, after that your should be logged automatically to SolusVM CP.
    ClientArea SolusVM Buttoin

    Also you may Login to SolusVM CP using the link below:
    Use the credentials you've got in ''Your Virtual Private Server details" email. If you can't find your credentials create a support ticket to resolve it


  • You will see your virtual private servers. Press "Manage" button at the right of the server whose root password you want to change:
  • Under "Control" section navigate to "Network" tab:

  • Click "Edit"  under "Reverse DNS" property:

  • Put the reverse DNS entry in the corresponding field and press Update:

    Please allow up to 4h for full propagation.


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