Softaculous One click installer using under cPanel account . Example: how to install Wordpress

Once you've purchased a Shared Hosting account you are able to use Softaculous script installer and easily install any CMS, blog, online shop and much more.
Softaculous offers 415 scripts at this moment and the list is always growing.

You may login directly to your cPanel account using the access details from "Account Details" email. If you are already logged in to cPanel you can jump to step 5 of this guide.

1) First of all login to  and go to Client Area:

2) Click on Services:

My Producsts / Services

3) Select your Shared Hosting package, simple click on the table:

VPSGet Client Area Services List

4) Click on "Login to cPanel" , no password will be requested as it will forward you using secure token. You may also start from this step .

How to login to cPanel from ClientArea w/o any password

5) Scroll down and you will see Softaculous categories and scripts per each category. Click on Wordpress: 

 cPanel naviaget to  softaculous
 You may also click on Softaculous icon to open Softaculous.

6) You will be forwarded to Softaculous GUI. Review information and click Install Now button:

Softaculous install wordpress

7) Fill all required fields , select webfolder (leave it empty to install into

Wordpress one click install configuration

8) Scroll down, check all data you've provided and click on Install button, add email if you'd like to receive installiation details:

Final step click Install button

That's all!  now you can manage your Wordpress. The default WP admin link looks like You may edit this setting during installation. 
Remember to use only strong passwords and  modules/add-ons/templates only from legal sources! Otherwise you might be a victim of fraud activity, malicious activity.

In this way you can install any other scrips from DB using differ directories. You can backup/restore your existing installiations and much more with Softaculous.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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