Security tips for Linux server

1. Use only  strong passwords for all accounts , especially for root. A...

 Create OpenVPN client

The following instructions are for those VPSGet customers who have installed OpenVPN Rea...


FreePBX is an open source GUI (graphical user interface) that controls an...

 OpenVPN Access Server


 FFmpeg on Centos 6

 Sendmail [25: Connection refused] fix

If you can't receive email from the outside and got next error:  (Delivery...

 LXDE + xrdp

 Oracle 11g EX on Centos 6 x64 vps

We d...

 How to check connectivity/network speed of your VPS


 Centos 6 Webserver



 Changing ssh port

 php increase max file size upload

For increase maximum size of uploads file you should set only one setting in php.ini. Set...

 Web server

 Usefull linux tools

please note: for installing some toosl you ned to connect EPEL repo first. htop -ex...


How ...

 Squid with authentication on Centos 6

How ...

 Set hostname

 Pptpd on Centos 6

How ...



 NFS on Centos 6





 Generating public/private ssh keys

 Forward (redirect/nat) traffic with iptables

If y...

 Epel Centos


 Disabling selinux


Cron is the daemon that can be used to sch...

 Configure OpenVPN client on Windows

 Clear swap in Centos

 Changing mac address in VMware

 Backup script sample

 Backing up VPS from the inside

 Asteriks +TLS+RSTP Encrypt on centos

 Adding a new disk drive to Centos 6

 Dovecot /postfix with Roundcube WebUI


 Autorun in Linux

To s...

 OpenVPN 2.3.6 on Centos 6


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